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podcastED: Senator Jeff Brandes on the future of public education

If you ask Florida Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) what he thinks the education world will look like in the year 2040, he’ll tell you it will be going back to the past. “I see us moving back to the one-room schoolhouse where we have students of different capabilities working[Read More…]

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Landmark education bill on path for passage this legislative session

A bill that would allow teachers and students to focus on mastery of grade-level skills rather than grades unanimously cleared the Senate Education Committee Tuesday. Filed by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R- St. Petersburg), SB 226 would expand an existing “competency-based” pilot program to any school district that wants to participate.[Read More…]

Mastery-based learning proposal fails in Florida Legislature

Bills expanding a state initiative to help students learn at their own pace fell by the wayside late in Florida’s legislative session. The House approved its version of the “mastery-based learning” bill. But Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, was stymied in multiple attempts to advance the proposal in the Senate. In[Read More…]

Lawmakers propose constitutional overhaul for Florida school districts

Florida school districts would no longer be defined exclusively by county lines, under a constitutional amendment proposed by two state lawmakers. If passed by the Legislature and approved by voters, the amendments would allow the state or local governments to create new school districts — a concept analogous, in some ways, to the[Read More…]