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Diaz proposes another scholarship to eliminate FTC waiting list

TALLAHASSEE – Florida state Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. on Thursday said Senate leaders hope to implement a “Family Empowerment Scholarship” to eliminate a waiting list for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for lower-income families. Gov. Ron DeSantis made a similar pledge last week, saying he wanted to create an “Equal[Read More…]

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Title I ‘portability’ debate comes to Florida Legislature

Proposed changes to the way federal funding flows to public schools have set off a late-session debate in the Florida Legislature. Proponents of the changes argue money should follow students to whatever school they attend, and school leaders — not district administrators — should decide how the money gets spent. School districts[Read More…]

Under-the-radar bill would expand educational options in Florida

Members of both chambers of the Florida Legislature voted unanimously this afternoon for a bill that would expand several educational options for children with special needs and improve private school students’ access to college courses. Among other things, the measure, which advanced without controversy, would broaden the possible uses for the state’s popular[Read More…]

Bill would let charters give preference to students from schools that struggle

Florida charter schools could give admissions preference to students whose previous schools struggled academically under legislation filed today in the state Senate. The bill by Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, would add students who come from schools with a history of “D” or “F” grades to the list of groups allowed to[Read More…]

Endgame becoming clearer for Florida school choice legislation

The fate of two pieces of legislation – one increasing access to dual enrollment classes for private school students, and one overhauling the rules governing high school sports and other extracurricular activities – looked uncertain going into the penultimate week of Florida’s legislative session. The dual enrollment bill had gotten[Read More…]

Contentious extracurricular legislation advances in Florida Senate

A bill that would overhaul Florida’s system governing high school athletics for an “era of school choice” remains alive after passing its first state Senate panel Wednesday. The proposal by Sen. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, would place new limits on the operations and recruiting investigations of the Florida High School Athletic Association.[Read More…]