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Florida schools roundup: Voucher bill, Bright Futures, education funds and more

Voucher expansion: The House Education Committee approves a bill that would use the state’s general revenue to expand a state scholarship program for students to attend private schools. The Family Empowerment Scholarship would be open to about 28,000 students, twice as many as the Senate is proposing, and students from[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Resegregation, added students, makeup days and more

School resegregation: Florida’s public schools are resegregating, according to a study by the LeRoy Collins Institute. “Student enrollment trends in Florida over the past decades show growing racial isolation for Hispanic and black students on some measures, with signs of continuous segregation on others,” the study says. About 35 percent of[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Hispanics’ literacy, evaluation errors and more

Latinos and literacy: Miami-Dade is the top-performing school district in the nation in reading proficiency by Hispanic students, according to a report by Child Trends, a research nonprofit in Maryland. The survey compared Hispanic fourth- and eighth-graders in 21 urban school districts by scores on National Assessment of Educational Progress testing. Duval County was[Read More…]