Students suffering from anxiety, bullying and discrimination need options

Recently, the hashtag #ilovepublicschools trended on Twitter, but perhaps not in the way intended. My intent in sharing a sample of what happened when public school students and parents began weighing in is not to bash public schools. I am a public school graduate, my mother worked in the public[Read More…]

LGBTQ students need — and deserve — educational choice too

Sixteen-year-old Channing Smith of Tennessee killed himself after classmates circulated sexually explicit messages he exchanged with another boy. Fifteen-year-old Nigel Shelby of Alabama killed himself after peers bullied him over his sexual identity and school officials reportedly told him “being gay is a choice.” When 9-year-old James Myles of Colorado[Read More…]

A school choice scholarship saved Elijah’s life – and allowed him to be who he is

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every day, they cut him with slurs. Almost every day, they tried to block him from the boys’ locker room. For Elijah Robinson, a soft-spoken kid with mocha skin and almond eyes, the harassment at his high school was cruel punishment for his sexual identity. It started[Read More…]