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A parent’s story: Louisiana scholarship program paved path to my son’s ‘best fit’ school

My son Benjamin, the youngest of my four children, has always been mature for his age. He loved learning and creating for as long as I can remember. But I worried when it was time for him to start school that it would be hate at first sight. My older[Read More…]

Could Louisiana be the next state to pass a school choice program?

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on Baton Rouge’s wrkf.org. Across the country, a growing number of states are setting up state-funded education savings accounts, or ESAs, to give more students education opportunities outside of public schools. This year, Louisiana would have joined them if not for a pair[Read More…]

Louisiana Senate Education Committee approves two education savings account bills

Editor’s note: This article appeared Friday on thecentersquare.com. Two bills to create education savings accounts students can use for educational expenses outside the public school system cleared the Louisiana Senate Education Committee. Committee members approved House bills 33 and 194 without objections on Thursday to create ESAs with the average per-pupil state funding allotment[Read More…]

A parent’s story: A trifecta of gratitude for Louisiana’s state scholarship program

Editor’s note: This first-person essay from Louisiana mother Sheila Offord was adapted from the American Federation for Children’s Voices for Choice website. I am fortunate, thanks to the Louisiana Scholarship program, that my three daughters attend Family Worship Christian Academy in Opelousas. Shyra is in fifth grade, Saige is in[Read More…]

Louisiana House passes education savings account bill for students with special needs

Editor’s note: This article appeared Thursday on thecentersquare.com. Legislation to create education savings accounts for students with exceptionalities passed the Louisiana House. Lawmakers voted 91-1 to approve House Bill 194, sponsored by Rep. Rhonda Butler, R-Ville Platte, to create state-funded ESAs for students with disabilities such as deafness, blindness, or[Read More…]

Louisiana House Education Committee approves several school choice bills

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on thecentersquare.com.  The House Education Committee advanced several school choice bills that would create education savings accounts parents can use for educational options outside of the public school system. The committee voted along party lines to approve House bills 33, 194, 452, and 824 to create education savings[Read More…]

Louisiana legislators look at education savings accounts to pay for schooling outside school zones

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on Louisiana’s daily-review.com. Louisiana lawmakers filed several bills for the 2022 legislative session that would give families more freedom in choosing a fitting educational plan for their children. These bills would create educational savings accounts (ESAs) to open more options for families to enroll[Read More…]

Push to remake public schools on Louisiana legislative agenda: ‘Intended to empower parents’

Editor’s note: This article appeared today on The Advocate. Ten years after the Louisiana Legislature approved sweeping changes in public schools, a new drive is underway that would allow students to opt out of classrooms – and take the state money with them. The arrangements are called education savings accounts, which[Read More…]