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Florida schools roundup: Alternatives to college, governor’s race and more

College alternatives: Increasingly, rural students in Florida are choosing to learn a trade instead of going to college. Among the reasons for their choices: Practicality, price and even politics. “It’s all about practicality,” says Wakulla County School District Superintendent Robert Pearce. “The mindset is: What makes the most sense?” Tampa Bay[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: School crimes, security checks, Amendment 8 and more

Safety panel: Florida schools are underreporting crimes by students, painting a false picture of school safety, and skimped on security tests before the Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, according to members of the state commission appointed to investigate the shootings. The panel suggests penalizing[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Help for failing schools, H.B. 7069 challenge and more

Help for failing schools: Ninety-three failing Florida schools can apply to the state for up to $2,000 more per student to fund such services as after-school programs and community partnerships, the Department of Education announces. The schools are eligible through the “schools of hope” provision of H.B. 7069 because they have received grades[Read More…]

District-run charter schools? Hmm…

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his education agenda last week, he threw out a potentially far-reaching idea: Allowing districts to open their own charter schools. The proposal could address a common complaint among traditional school districts – that federal and state bureaucracies prevent their schools from being as innovative[Read More…]

Charter school supporters also angered by failing charter’s $500,000 check to principal

School district officials and state lawmakers aren’t the only ones outraged by a failing Orlando charter school that cut its principal a check, as it was closing its doors, for half a million dollars. “This is totally unacceptable,’’ Cheri Shannon, president and chief executive officer of the Florida Charter School[Read More…]

Parents will continue to be the driving force behind Florida charter schools

by Lynn Norman-Teck Many factors have helped nourish and grow the charter school movement. There are forward-thinking legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, who worked together to approve legislation that supported parental choice. There are governors who made quality education a priority of their administrations. There are thousands of teachers and[Read More…]