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Magnet school admissions policies antithetical to school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary is an exclusive to redefinED from Sean-Michael Pigeon, who recently graduated with a B.A. in political science from Yale University. He works as a journalism mentor at a magnet school in New Haven, Conn. His writing has appeared in USA Today, the Washington Examiner and the[Read More…]

Miami-Dade superintendent: School choice is “a right, not a privilege”

 Since Alberto Carvalho became Miami-Dade County Public Schools superintendent a decade ago, the number of charter school students in his district has tripled to nearly 70,000, while the number of low-income students using state scholarships to attend private schools has jumped five-fold, to 26,272. Parents in America’s fourth-largest school[Read More…]

From the Vault: A Tallahassee charter school that rocks

Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared in redefinED just over five years ago on Jan. 22, 2014. At that time, the school served 270 students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Today, its award-winning program offers two tuition-free schools in Tallahassee, the second serving kindergarten through fourth-grade students. It maintains its[Read More…]

FL roundup: Charter schools, Common Core, Crist v. Scott & more

Charter schools. The Naples Daily News takes a closer look at the 269 charter schools that have closed since Florida opened the door to charters in 1996. The Associated Press picks up the story. Magnet schools. It’s time for action on poor-performing charter schools in the Broward County School District.[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Testing, Charlie Crist, tax credit scholarships & more

Tax credit scholarships. Charlie Crist, a staunch supporter of tax credit scholarships in the past, won’t denounce the lawsuit filed by the FSBA and FEA to end the program. Miami Herald. The head of the Florida Association of School Administrators explains his support for the suit. Crestview News Bulletin (Hat[Read More…]