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Ohio dots the “i” in choice for a remarkable 2021 legislative season

Ohio lawmakers may have saved the best for last in a remarkable year for parental choice programs. School Choice Ohio ran down all the private school provisions here but briefly Ohio lawmakers created an afterschool enrichment Education Savings Account. They also created a new private choice scholarship tax credit, and[Read More…]

The empire strikes out

What is thy bidding my master? I have felt it. It will be very difficult to conceal, but if we would agree to reopen the large schools … Yes, my master… What about the organizations that are providing devices and public funding for instructors? The ones addressing the equity issues[Read More…]

The only good option is a dead option!

At the conclusion of one of the most criminally underappreciated very bad movies of all time, the 90210 kids-turned-space-marines of “Starship Troopers” capture a “brain bug.” Neil Patrick Harris as Col. Carl Jenkins uses his mind-reading powers to intuit the thoughts of the hulking killer space roach monster. As luck[Read More…]

Are teacher unions putting profits before people?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Securities and Exchange Commission is examining the for-profit business practices of Florida’s teacher unions and their for-profit business partners. The Journal reported recently that teacher union leaders are pushing teachers to purchase retirement investments from union-owned, for-profit companies that charge unusually high management[Read More…]

Public support for education choice continues to surge as some presidential candidates swim upstream

While the reasons for Democratic presidential candidate and leading anti-charter stalwart Elizabeth Warren’s nearly 13-point polling plummet are multifaceted, a recent public confrontation with school choice supporters and the revelation that she sent her son to a $17,000-a-year private school likely contributed to the decline. Warren’s strong anti-school choice stance[Read More…]