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Charter schools, Florida lawmakers and selective scrutiny

I was a news reporter for 20 years. I appreciate what good journalists do. But I’m often perplexed by the selective scrutiny that permeates so much education coverage in Florida, particularly when it comes to school choice issues. The latest example: An “investigation” by an Orlando TV station into the “cozy[Read More…]

In Obama’s Term 2, a historic opportunity to expand parental school choice

President Obama has often called on us to be true to who we are as a people, as Americans. And in his second term, he has the opportunity to transform the education system back to our core – to where parents are primarily in charge of children’s educations. We have[Read More…]

Viola Davis stands up for school choice

Actress Viola Davis is great as a teacher/parent in “Won’t Back Down,” the potent movie about parental empowerment that’s hitting theaters Friday. But as a spokeswoman for school choice, she’s even better in real life. Here’s what she said the other night on “The Tonight Show,” to huge applause, after[Read More…]