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Milwaukee parental choice program reaps benefits beyond academics

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in a test score analysis …” Shakespeare by way of Ladner Learning to read proficiently and to understand math are two jolly important goals for our schools. They are by far, however, not the only goals. Americans want[Read More…]


New Arkansas study shows positive effects of school voucher program

While most studies of private school choice programs have focused on academic outcomes as measured by standardized tests, some recent studies have begun to look at other indicators of success. The Urban Institute, for example, in a study released earlier this month, found that lower-income, mostly minority students using the[Read More…]

School vouchers: Cost-effective college enrollment boost; grad rates remain low

School vouchers and tax credit scholarships may not always improve participants’ standardized test performance, but a growing crop of studies suggest they are cost-effective when it comes to encouraging economically disadvantaged students to pursue a college education. Two recent Urban Institute studies, one on Milwaukee and the other on Washington,[Read More…]

President Obama is wrong about school vouchers in D.C.

In a recent television interview with Bill O’Reily, President Obama discussed the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program and stated the private school vouchers “didn’t actually make that much of a difference” and have not “significantly improved the performance of kids in these poorest communities.” President Obama seems to be relying on[Read More…]

“Miss Virginia,” driving force behind Washington D.C. vouchers, sets sights on new goal

Last year, Indiana stole the spotlight for school choice. This year it was Louisiana. And next year, if Virginia Walden Ford has anything to do with it, it just might be Arkansas. “Miss Virginia,” the heart and soul of the Opportunity Scholarship voucher program in Washington D.C., moved back to[Read More…]