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Missouri alternative high school achieves personalization through innovation

Editor’s note: You can watch videos of how Liberty Academy High School is rethinking education here and here. A virtual tour of Liberty Academy High School in Liberty, Missouri, a suburb with a population of 30,167, is as notable for what you don’t see as much as for what is[Read More…]

Middle school doesn’t have to be this hard

Middle school often is the black sheep of the educational family. Lacking the youthful joy of elementary school and the sense of accomplishment of high school, most students consider middle school the worst segment of their education (see here and here). And while many parents and students complain about middle[Read More…]

Project-based learning, micro-schools bring new hope to American students

Back in February, the George Lucas Educational Foundation released four studies using random assignment and matched comparison studies on project-based learning. You may have missed the release, distracted as you were by a global plague, but cumulatively, these studies seem very important. The studies covered different subjects and grade levels,[Read More…]

Micro-schools, rigorous distance learning never gonna give your innovative spirit up

Science writer Matthew Ridley has described the innovation process as one of trial and error in which individuals combine pre-existing techniques and/or technologies. One example: Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing were around for many years before innovators figured out how to put them together to revolutionize the energy market. Another[Read More…]

At this Florida school, lessons from gardens, food drives, furniture repair

Ryan Wallace left his big, cliquish high school last spring for The Foundation Academy, a non-denominational Christian school with vegetable gardens and an aquaponic farm. “I wanted a chance to try something new,’’ said Ryan, now a 17-year-old junior planning a dodge-ball fundraiser for his class president campaign. Twelve-year-old Marc’Anthony[Read More…]