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Charter school enrollment expands as traditional district enrollment sags

Preliminary data from a new state-level analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools indicates that public charter schools posted more enrollment growth in 2020-21 than they’ve seen in the past six years, even as traditional public school enrollment declined during the first full academic year of the COVID-19[Read More…]

Opportunity, diversity, and a new hot spot for education choice

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – When it came time to find an elementary school for her daughter Amanda, Maria Jimenez researched several options in Osceola County before choosing Mater Brighton Lakes Academy, a charter school with a strong academic reputation and a vibe that “felt like home.” A friend with a daughter[Read More…]

Becoming ‘Dr. K’: Creativity and passion for teaching sends educator to the principal’s office

In 2019, when she was teaching at Butler College Prep, a public four-year charter high school in Chicago, Kendrah Underwood earned the reputation as the world’s coolest teacher for filming a video of her students rapping about what they were willing to do to earn a good grade. The video,[Read More…]

Commentary: Why so many charter schools? Parents want them

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from the Rev. Mark L. Griffin, chairman of the Wayman Academy of the Arts Board of Directors, appeared Sunday on jacksonville.com.  A recent op-ed column lamented that charter schools in Duval County “are proliferating all over town.” The author should ask herself why that is.[Read More…]

Under the staircase, Part 2

In an earlier post, I explained why districts don’t tend to replicate or expand high-demand schools. In a word, the reason is politics. Adults working in low-demand schools, with enrollment well below the design capacity of their buildings, tend to look upon expanding or replicating high-demand district schools in a[Read More…]

Countdown to opening day at IDEA Public Schools, Tampa’s first ‘Schools of Hope’

As school board members in one Florida county face state consequences for pushing back on charter school contract renewals, two of the state-sanctioned “schools of hope” are joyously preparing for openings next month in the same region. IDEA Public Schools is opening its Hope and Victory campuses on Aug. 10[Read More…]

Arizona state budget expands student access to new educational options

A budget adopted last week by lawmakers in Arizona includes two key provisions geared toward expanding access to schools of choice for the state’s K-12 students. A $10 million allocation will establish transportation innovation grants that school districts, charter schools, and other community groups can use to help students attend[Read More…]

Jacksonville educator opens charter school to introduce elementary schoolers to HBCU culture

Cameron Frazier didn’t attend a historically Black college or university, but the veteran educator recognizes their power, thanks to one of his former bosses. “During my work in Nashville, my principal was an HBCU graduate, and she was the poster child for HBCUs,” said Frazier a first-generation college graduate who[Read More…]