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Nation’s first public school reading voucher opens for applications Monday

Starting Monday, Florida families can apply for the first voucher in the nation aimed at helping public elementary school students who struggle with reading. Already, more than 2,400 have signed up on an interest list. Step Up For Students, a nonprofit that publishes this blog, is the only state-approved scholarship[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: What is a public school?

Wayne Au, University of Washington at Bothell Wayne Au, an education professor and plaintiff in League of Women Voters v. State (the case that found charter schools unconstitutional in Washington) claims charter schools aren’t public schools. Au’s actually conflating the word “public school” with the concept of the “common school,” a 19th-century[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Is it 1952 in St. Louis?

Rex Sinquefield and the Children’s Education Alliance Progressives in Missouri criticized Rex Sinquefield for conspiracy theories about public schools, spending millions on campaigns supporting private school choice and for donations to ALEC, but they remain oddly silent about the way he, and the organizations he backs, are spending money right[Read More…]

Florida funds education options – it’s as simple as that

Florida won’t pay a school to NOT educate a student. I’ll put that another way: the state doesn’t pay for students to not attend a school. It is a simple and intuitive fact, yet some Floridians – many happen to be parental choice critics – don’t seem to get it.[Read More…]

School choice opposition too often mired in myths

Education is a complex and nuanced issue, and advocates on all sides need to be mindful not to overreach. Supporters of school choice sometimes overpromise the benefits of vouchers and tax-credit scholarships, leaving them open to attack. On the other side, school choice critics sometimes appeal to a mythical concept[Read More…]