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Florida schools roundup: Principal power, a reading plan, charters and more

Principal power: Principals in seven Florida counties would get more authority and money to turn around underperforming schools underĀ a bill passed by a House committee on Thursday. Broward, Duval, Jefferson, Madison, Palm Beach, Pinellas and Seminole counties could apply for $100,000 under the program and $10,000 for each participating principal.[Read More…]

Future House speaker: More education transparency ‘coming to Florida”

  America’s education system is plagued by the same opaqueness and inefficiency as its health care system, and it needs to create a “marketplace” controlled by parents, the incoming leader of Florida’s House told an education reform gathering this morning. During his first year in the Florida legislature, Rep. Richard[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Voucher accountability, single-gender schools and more

Vouchers need more accountability. So say David R. Colburn, director of the Askew Institute at the University of Florida, and Brian Dassler, chief academic officer for the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, in this exclusive op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times. Response here from the Heartland Institute, which says[Read More…]