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Florida charter schools set to receive $91 million for construction

It’s not everything they asked for, but charter school advocates anticipate getting $91 million in state funding next fiscal year for construction and maintenance projects. House and Senate leaders agreed to the one-time allocation earlier this week and are expected to pass the measure before they vote on the new state[Read More…]

In Florida district, academic competitions splinter as school choice expands

For their project, Gussie Lorenzo-Luaces and three classmates at Deer Park Elementary in Tampa, Fla., wanted to find out what kind of paper allows a paper airplane to fly the farthest. After five trial runs, they determined copy paper, with its smooth surface and stable weight, worked best. The boys’[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Charter schools, competition, district spending & more

Charter schools. The Tampa Tribune writes up the latest report on charter laws from the National Association of Public Charter Schools and quotes Robert Haag, president and CEO of the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools: “You want choices for your child’s education, just like anything else in life. You[Read More…]