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Florida schools roundup: Charter schools, kids’ well-being, pay and more

Charter schools: The Florida Department of Education overrules the Manatee County School Board’s denial of a charter school application last year. Parrish Charter Academy’s application was denied because board members decided the school’s plan did not meet state standards in five areas and did so only partially in four others. Parrish[Read More…]

Florida town’s conversion to charter schools helped local economy, too

Editor’s note: This guest post is from Jesse L. Jackson, superintendent of Lake Wales Charter Schools in Lake Wales, Fla. By early 2000, the once great tradition of outstanding local schools for Lake Wales’ citizens had reached a point of decline. It was at that time when concerned citizens, with the[Read More…]

Education profiteers? These folks?

It’s true: ALEC likes school choice. Walton likes school choice. Jeb Bush likes school choice. Some of the folks who like school choice even say bad things about traditional public schools and teachers unions. But this is true too: President Barack Obama is a fan of charter schools. Former President[Read More…]