Clay County superintendent gets private school student into JROTC

Clay County public schools superintendent Charlie Van Zant has given the green light for 15-year-old private school student Kevin Gines to attend the district’s Junior ROTC program. “This isn’t that hard,’’ said Van Zant, who was able to quickly resolve an issue over whether Gines was eligible. “We’re not going to keep a kid out of[Read More…]

Florida school district looks into JROTC denial for private school student

A private school student denied enrollment in a public school Junior ROTC program in Florida may get a chance to participate after all. Clay County Superintendent Charlie Van Zant told redefinED Wednesday he is looking into his district’s recent decision with the hope of getting 15-year-old Kevin Gines into JROTC[Read More…]

JROTC denied to private school student

Kevin Gines is 15 years old. He attends a private school on a publicly-funded scholarship for low-income kids. He wants to be a Marine. He’s dying to get into a Junior ROTC program to start getting prepped. But there’s one big hitch. His small school in north Florida doesn’t have[Read More…]