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podcastED: reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner and EdChoice’s Mike McShane discuss public education’s accountability myths

On this episode, Ladner speaks with the director of national research at EdChoice about the latter’s new report entitled, “The Accountability Myth.” The report takes aim at the commonly argued position that traditional public schools are a superior education option because they are held financially, democratically, and educationally accountable to[Read More…]

McShane: Accountability regs for me but not for thee?

Editor’s note: This is the second post in our series on the future of parental choice and accountability. by Mike McShane As Kathleen Porter-Magee wrote in National Review earlier this year, for almost three decades conservatives have pursued a two-pronged strategy for education reform. One prong relies on standards and accountability,[Read More…]

Smarick: In new era, faith-based schools need more transparency, accountability

Few people in the field of education bring the kind of credibility to a debate on faith-based schools that Andy Smarick brings. So his keynote speech Tuesday to the American Center for School Choice’s Commission on Faith-based Schools in New York was all the more riveting for his decision not to[Read More…]

Florida education summit aims for listening, common ground

Even for Florida, a state that has put education policy on overdrive for 15 years, Monday’s summit was remarkable: Three dozen education leaders, business leaders and lawmakers, all but locked in a room to hash it out over the state’s contentious approach to standards, testing and accountability. Gov. Rick Scott[Read More…]

Doug Tuthill on school choice, accountability, Common Core & more

In today’s chat, we talked with Doug Tuthill, president of Step Up For Students in Florida. Readers asked him about everything from Common Core and private schools, to whether the value of tax credit scholarships should be increased, to the right balance between school choice and government regs when it[Read More…]