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You can’t win, but …

John Stuart Mill warned us of the dangers of a state-provided education: Were the duty of enforcing universal education once admitted, there would be an end to the difficulties about what the State should teach, and how it should teach, which now convert the subject into a mere battle-field for[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Public school choice, digital learning, school grades & more

Public-school choice. Duval County’s superintendent wants to allow parents to enroll their children in any district-run school they choose, creating the first “open enrollment” policy among Florida’s major urban districts, the Florida Times-Union reports. More from First Coast News, WOKV. Military charter schools. It’s not clear what effect a bill provision, soon[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Charter schools, career academies, dual enrollment & more

Bang for the buck. Florida’s education system gets a lot of it. Florida Watchdog. Charter schools. Broward sees its eighth charter school close this year, raising questions about accountability, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The Imagine charter schools network will close its struggling elementary school in Pinellas, but keep its[Read More…]

In Florida, the debate over the future of school boards is happening now

Last year, 43 percent of Florida’s PreK-12 students attended a school other than their assigned neighborhood school. This enthusiastic embrace of school choice by parents is forcing school boards to rethink their roles and responsibilities. Should they fight to prevent parents from attending non-district schools? Or should they embrace parent[Read More…]

A superintendent’s legitimate concerns about charter schools & district flexibility

To appreciate the significance of what Nikolai Vitti is saying about parental choice, one must first read his resume. He’s a 36-year-old with a Harvard education doctorate who served as chief academic officer to nationally recognized Miami-Dade school superintendent Alberto Carvalho before being chosen in the fall to run the[Read More…]