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Report: Florida scholarship students make gains despite disadvantages

Florida’s tax credit scholarship program continues to enroll some of the most disadvantaged students from among the state’s lowest-performing public schools, according to the latest evaluation of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program. After they receive scholarships and enroll in private schools, they keep academic pace with all students nationally, based[Read More…]

Study finds school choice generally benefits traditional public schools

With more than 20 million children across the nation now choosing their schools, a new report from the Friedman Foundation looks at those who do not. Its conclusion: school choice is also benefiting students who stay in traditional public schools. Authors Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas and Anna Egalite of[Read More…]

Louisiana voucher results still bad, but getting better in year two

A two-year study of school vouchers in Louisiana found the program has a “significant and substantial negative” impact on student achievement, but researchers believe the program may be showing signs of improvement. The two-year study found students receiving vouchers to attend private schools lost ground to their public school peers[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Finger pointing, doublespeak and school choice

North Carolina’s anti-voucher professors Helen Ladd, William A. Darity, Rosyln Mickel, Charles Clotfelter, Sherick Hughes, and Jenni Owen are professors and program directors at various universities in North Carolina including Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Earlier this week[Read More…]

10 myths about faith-based schools

We’ve heard the myths before. Parents can’t receive public support for their children to attend a faith-based school because that would violate constitutional restrictions. Faith-based schools are selective and homogenous. Faith-based schools shred the social fabric and civic unity. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the myths persist. And, in[Read More…]

Reporting on school choice lacks nuance, perspective

Politico has built an impressive audience by bringing intellectual heft to pinched political debates, but Stephanie Simon’s treatment of school vouchers followed a more predictable narrative: left vs. right, public vs. private, us vs. them. Not surprisingly, the result was tendentious. Though the original headline’s claim that vouchers offer “no[Read More…]

Why school voucher opponents should reconsider

In a blog entry last week, “I’m rethinking my opposition to school vouchers. Convince me,” Nicole Stockdale, the assistant editorial page editor at the Dallas Morning News, said she is grappling with whether to support school vouchers. What stimulated Nicole’s dilemma is a bill in the Texas Legislature to allow[Read More…]