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‘The train has left the station on school choice’ – Florida BOE Chair Gary Chartrand, podcastED

Florida is a national leader in expanding school choice. And the state’s new top education official doesn’t see the momentum slowing, especially with low-income children. “The train has left the station on school choice,” Gary Chartrand, 58, told redefinED by phone this week – his first media interview since being[Read More…]

Florida’s school for the “unconquered”

Some charter schools aim to save kids. Some aim to save cultures – and the kids along with it. A new report from Harvard education researchers highlights three charter schools that offer cultural immersion for Native American students, including a K-8 charter on a Seminole Indian reservation in Glades County,[Read More…]

Florida charter schools earn A’s and F’s at higher rates than traditional public schools

Florida charter schools were more likely than traditional public schools to earn A and F grades under this year’s tougher new standards and tests, state data shows. Some 48.7 percent of elementary, middle and “combination” charter schools earned A grades, compared to 42.7 percent of traditional public schools, according to[Read More…]

What accounts for teacher quality? A school’s grade provides only part of the answer.

I was skeptical about Florida’s school grading system when it was implemented, but the benefits have been undeniable. Schools and school districts have focused more resources on low-income and minority students and, as a result, these student populations have seen significant improvements in their standardized test scores. But my research suggests Florida’s school grades do not reflect differences in teacher quality between schools. Instead differences in test scores seems to be caused by differences in student demographics and school leadership.