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Rural communities should embrace education savings accounts

Editor’s note: reimaginED welcomes its newest guest blogger, Garion Frankel, with this post on a viable education choice alternative for rural families. The past two years have seen an unprecedented string of victories for parental choice advocates. After the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than two dozen states now[Read More…]

Opinion: Why are unions and Democrats so opposed to giving poor children a choice in schooling?

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from the editorial board of the Washington Post appeared Thursday on the online edition of that publication. For 17 years, a federally funded K-12 scholarship program has given thousands of poor children in D.C. the opportunity to attend private schools and the chance to go on to[Read More…]

U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Maine scholarship program

Families who attend faith-based schools in Maine received good news today when the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a potentially landmark case that could settle the issue of whether families can be barred from using education choice scholarships to send their children to religious schools that conduct religious activities.[Read More…]

Challenge to Kentucky school choice legislation raises concern for program’s future

A lawsuit filed last week in Kentucky challenging the constitutionality of legislation that would give low-income families the financial means to choose the educational tools they need for their children could derail that opportunity before it gets off the ground. Filed on behalf of public school boards and a group[Read More…]

Truth, freedom, choice

See! A disenchanted nation Spring like day from desolation; To Truth its state is dedicate, And Freedom leads it forth, her mate; — Percy Bysshe Shelley, “Prometheus Unbound” Shelley got it right; truth and freedom are inseparable. And, when it comes to schooling, the two join in the long-established freedom[Read More…]

Milwaukee parental choice program reaps benefits beyond academics

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in a test score analysis …” Shakespeare by way of Ladner Learning to read proficiently and to understand math are two jolly important goals for our schools. They are by far, however, not the only goals. Americans want[Read More…]

Choose your weapon prudently

“School choice is a political hobby of the rich.” So goes a common indictment of the effort to subsidize parents’ preference of a specific school for their own child. Sadly, there has been a wee dash of truth to the charge. The modern movement for choice did not originate in[Read More…]

Proposed funding cap in Arizona would deprive thousands

If you need to make a choice between reading this post or watching the video featuring the mom pictured above, please watch the video. Katie Swingle explains why families with children with special needs require and deserve access to education choice. Her story demonstrates why depriving them of choice is[Read More…]