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Senate votes to expand Family Empowerment Scholarship

The Senate Education Appropriations subcommittee voted 5-3 today to bolster and align two state scholarship programs that provide education choice to economically disadvantaged students. SB 1220, a bill that spells out rules for teacher training and qualifications, also includes provisions aimed at aligning policies between the new Family Empowerment Scholarship, adopted last[Read More…]

One-stop online shopping experience a boon for families pursuing personalized education

When Madelyn Carlisle was a toddler, a simple sip of apple juice could send her into shock. Born with a rare condition called food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome, she survived on a liquid formula that had to be given at specific times. Until she was 4, her body could tolerate[Read More…]

Study shows positive impact of Florida Tax Credit Scholarship on public schools

As the nation’s largest tax credit scholarship program has expanded, students attending public schools most likely to be affected by the competition of private schools are experiencing higher test scores, reduced absenteeism and lower suspension rates, according to a new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The findings[Read More…]

DOE approves scholarship funding organization’s request to continue providing education choice options

The Florida Department of Education today unanimously approved the renewal of an application from Step Up For Students as an eligible Scholarship Funding Organization, allowing Step Up to continue administering the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, the Gardiner Scholarship program, the Hope Scholarship program, the Reading Scholarship program and the[Read More…]

Catholic schools lead by example in academic excellence, overall benefit

Editor’s note: National Catholic Schools Week, celebrated nationwide since 1974, traditionally coincides with National School Choice Week. The theme – Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Succeed. – encompasses what Catholic school leaders consider the core products and values that can be found in Catholic schools across the country. James Herzog, associate[Read More…]

Gardiner Scholarship funding increase begins to move forward

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education today approved a $42 million funding increase to the Gardiner Scholarship program which would boost by slightly more than 28 percent last year’s allocation of $147.9 million. The scholarship currently serves more than 13,000 students with unique abilities. Approximately another 3,500 remain on a[Read More…]

Analysis: Montana scholarship program fulfills a public purpose in providing K-12 education

Editor’s note: The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral argument in the latest chapter of the battle over the use of public funding for religious schools. Supporters of such funding argue that the government should not be allowed to discriminate against religious families and schools, while opponents warn that[Read More…]

FACT-CHECKED: Tallahassee educator’s attack on ‘monstrous’ system is misleading

Editor’s note: The goal of fact-checkED is to bring clinical precision to complex issues that are easily misunderstood, aiming to counteract incorrect information before it continues to circulate.   Sally Butzin has a rich and accomplished history in public education, as a classroom teacher, instructional innovator and published author. But her[Read More…]