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With liberty and justice for some

By Keith Jacobs The most polarizing aspect of the traditional public school system is that students encounter extensive and troubling variations in their school experience based on their socioeconomic or minority status. This aspect has for decades produced discriminatory practices. Minorities and low-income families, for whom education is the link[Read More…]

Eric Garner protest

Eric Garner and the soul of education reform: Derrell Bradford, podcastED

The tragedies that drew thousands of people into the streets in cities around the country this past weekend have also prompted soul-searching in the education reform movement. If our goal is to respond to the educational needs of disadvantaged communities, can we ignore the other injustices in their lives? How[Read More…]

Markets can undermine social justice aims of charter schools

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Chris Lubienski, professor of education policy at the University of Illinois, where he is director of the Forum on the Future of Public Education. He is at twitter.com/CLub_edu Some social justice advocates are quite enthralled with the possibilities of school choice. While district[Read More…]

An outcry for changemakers at Harvard ed school

From The Boston Globe: The recent denial of tenure to a prominent Harvard scholar whose work focuses on grass-roots organizing has sparked student protests over the direction of one of the nation’s most influential education schools. More than 50 doctoral students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education are demanding[Read More…]