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Jeb Bush encourages SC Republicans to march ahead on private and public school choice

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on postandcourier.com. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gave Republicans in the South Carolina House a pro-school-choice pep talk ahead of a public hearing on legislation that would give parents money for private tuition. Bush, who signed Florida’s first school choice law nearly 25 years[Read More…]

School choice for rural South Carolina

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jason Bedrick, a research fellow in the Center for Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation, and Matt Ladner, director of the Arizona Center for Student Opportunity and reimaginED executive editor, appeared Thursday on thetanddd.com. “All children in South Carolina should have access to the highest[Read More…]

South Carolina must sweat details on school choice

All education committee hearings in South Carolina should open with staff placing flags on a map marking the states that adopted new choices in K-12 education since the last meeting. It likely would add a sense of urgency to lawmakers’ deliberations. There has even been activity since Gov. Henry McMaster’s[Read More…]

Time to help South Carolina students dream big

South Carolina parents and students are ready for summer. In Greenville, high schools like Eastside and Riverside held their graduations last week. Charter schools around the state also had their graduation ceremonies and year-end events in recent days. But not all the important education work is finished for this school[Read More…]

South Carolina lawmakers must finish job of creating options for K-12 students

Horse racing, teacher raises, and a budget flush with cash. South Carolina lawmakers have plenty to debate before the legislative session ends June 15. But parents hope legislators don’t bolt for home before finally offering K-12 students more quality learning options. Recently, the S.C. House of Representatives flew through budget[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Olympians and virtual schools, DC and CA charters shortchanged and more news

Alabama: The Institute for Justice, a national civil rights law firm, says vouchers are constitutional in the state (Al.com). Alaska: School choice opponents voice their concerns at a public hearing over a constitutional amendment to allow public funding of private schools (Anchorage Daily News, Nonprofit Quarterly). The proposed constitutional change[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Vouchers in Tennessee, tax credit scholarships in Mississippi & more

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam proposes a voucher that’s limited to low-income students in low-performing schools, with additional state funding for those schools to boot (KnoxNews). More from timesfreepress.com and Nashville Public Radio. Haslam reiterates that his proposal won’t affect funding for public schools (Nooga.com). Both supporters and opponents find details to[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: School choice in Tennessee, Catholic schools closing in New York & more

California: The award-winning American Indian Model charter schools face closure after failing to fix problems with financial oversight that resulted in $3.8 million of questionable expenses (The Oakland Tribune). Wisconsin: Three former state House speakers push for a voucher expansion (Associated Press). School choice options continue to grow with proponents pointing[Read More…]