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Legislative Watch: Pennsylvania, Indiana bills get marathon hearings; Virginia measure dies

While a Senate committee in Virginia killed a proposed tax-credit scholarship program for low-income students, legislatures in Pennsylvania and Indiana engaged in day-long hearings this week on their respective voucher plans. Indiana’s HB 1003 cleared its first committee on Wednesday, but not before lowering the income eligibility requirements of prospective[Read More…]

Legislative Watch: New Jersey and Virginia plans advance; Arizona and Tennessee bills filed

We continue to watch state legislation nationally and in Washington, D.C., that would establish tax credit scholarships, school vouchers or other publicly funded private options. New Jersey has generated the most attention with a proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act for low-income students benefitting from a 5-0 vote out of the assembly’s Commerce[Read More…]

No Child Left Behind demands we employ every option for poor children

In his Washington Post commentary today on reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is still offering a narrow definition of flexibility and an unnecessarily limited set of options to reduce the achievement gap. Duncan lauded the bipartisan support in Congress for “providing more flexibility[Read More…]