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It’s time for the Berlin Wall to fall in America’s public education system

Getting lost in the complexities of education reform is easy, so I use the following analogy to help me understand the daily ebb and flow of school reform issues. School districts are East Germany. School choice programs are refugee camps comprised of people who have left East Germany. The promised[Read More…]

Understanding our two education reform movements

Two parallel and at times interdependent education reform movements are occurring in Florida. They differ in how they’re attempting to improve public education and in the political responses they’re generating. The largest and most contentious effort is trying to improve public education by giving school districts more power over personnel[Read More…]

The consequences of treating all teachers alike

Andrew Rotherham, in his weekly Time.com column, explores the move among many states to reform laws governing teacher tenure. But when weighing ending the practice of tenure altogether or at least expediting the process of removing teachers guilty of misconduct from the classroom, Rotherham’s commentary takes an intriguing turn toward teacher[Read More…]