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More school choice will foster unity, strengthen democracy – Rabbi Moshe Matz, podcastED

It’s another persistent myth about expanding school choice: Ethnic and religious groups will retreat into walled-off camps that are more insular and intolerant. Society will splinter. Democracy will crumble. Rabbi Moshe Matz offers a polite rebuttal. “The reality is that an educated population is bound to be the force for[Read More…]

School choice movement can’t give grenades to opponents

Editor’s note: Tuesday’s New York Times story about tax-credit scholarship programs sparked a flurry of reaction from leading school choice supporters, including John Kirtley, who chairs Step Up for Students, the non-profit that administers the tax credit program in Florida. In a blog post today, the Cato Institute’s Adam Schaeffer[Read More…]

“Miss Virginia,” driving force behind Washington D.C. vouchers, sets sights on new goal

Last year, Indiana stole the spotlight for school choice. This year it was Louisiana. And next year, if Virginia Walden Ford has anything to do with it, it just might be Arkansas. “Miss Virginia,” the heart and soul of the Opportunity Scholarship voucher program in Washington D.C., moved back to[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Voucher politics in Wisconsin, Jeb Bush in S.C., school choice defense in Florida and more

Florida: State Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson responds to newspaper questions about charter schools and vouchers. (Tampa Bay Times Gradebook blog) He suggest school choice critics have a double standard. (redefinED) Wisconsin: Vouchers have become an issue in the Democratic primary for governor between candidates Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk. (wispolitics.com)[Read More…]

Lorena Castillo, Florida teacher who supports school choice – podcastED

Today at redefinED we’re going to smash another stereotype: not all public school teachers oppose expanded school choice. Lorena Castillo is chairwoman of CHISPA, the Coalition of Hispanic Instructors in Support of Parental Awareness. CHISPA falls under the umbrella of the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, and its[Read More…]

redefinED’s blog stars: Family power in education reform, legal challenges for school vouchers and more

Editor’s note: We’re going to try something new today – “blog stars,” an occasional round-up of material from other blogs that we think is worth spotlighting. Some of the most illuminating commentary/analysis about education issues nowadays is found not in traditional media like newspapers, but in the blogosphere. As with[Read More…]

Louisiana voucher bill gets bipartisan support, again

The Louisiana Senate made national headlines this week with its historic 24-15 vote in favor of a statewide voucher program. But once again, media coverage ignored a key development: The vote was bipartisan. Seven of 15 Democrats, including four black Democrats, voted in favor of HB 976, which also expanded other[Read More…]