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In Florida, a rare opportunity to redefine supporters of school choice

They hold public schools in contempt. They think private schools are better. They want to privatize everything. Supporters of school choice, including vouchers and tax-credit scholarships, have long been defined by cartoonish stereotypes. And as a former education reporter for one of the biggest newspapers in the country, I know how hard[Read More…]

The liberal nature of vouchers? Look to your history.

While it was economist Milton Friedman who submitted the idea for school vouchers in his 1955 essay, “The Role of Government in Education,” the voucher movement got a jumpstart soon afterward from liberal intellectuals and activists and Democratic lawmakers, particularly from Harvard social scientist Christopher Jencks, Berkeley law professor John Coons and Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Does going to the best school matter? Only if it’s the best fit.

RedefinED host Doug Tuthill is fond of talking about his choice of high school years ago for his son in St. Petersburg, Fla. While Tuthill is known in these parts for launching the first International Baccalaureate school in Florida, the magnet school he chose for his youngest son has long been considered a failure in terms of academic achievement. Of all the schools he could have picked, he picked a school the state had graded an “F.”