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West Virginia, businesses investing in innovative education options

With rising inflation and a stock market on the rocks, any big investment is worth watching. And with researchers reporting poor returns on student achievement in assigned schools during the pandemic, this makes any investment in education even more notable. So with venture capitalists betting big on Prenda last week,[Read More…]

West Virginia sets an example for school choice

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on Independent Women’s Forum. West Virginia has recently become the newest of only ten states to offer K-12 students the option of an Education Savings Account, a major step in furthering the education freedom movement in the state. According to its website, the Hope Scholarship is “an[Read More…]

Hope Scholarship has West Virginians imagining a brighter future

Imagination is a curious thing, something inborn, but sadly, for most adults, it fades over time. The ability for one to conceive of a different, better world becomes more difficult for adults as the reality of life, with all its setbacks and disappointments, settles in. This is especially true in[Read More…]

West Virginia is ground zero in battle for broad educational savings accounts in America

Editor’s note: This article appeared last week on West Virginia’s dailytorch.com One of the broadest educational savings accounts in the nation is set to go into effect Aug. 15 in West Virginia. The program stipulates $4,600 to West Virginia students that leave the public school system for either private schools or homeschooling.[Read More…]

More than 1,800 West Virginia students apply for new scholarship to support costs after leaving public school

Editor’s note: This article appeared Monday on West Virginia’s wvmetronews.com. More than 1,800 students have been ruled eligible already for the new Hope Scholarship program to pay for educational costs of students leaving the public school system. By the end of this past Friday, 1,830 students were approved for the[Read More…]

W. Va. governor signs into law microschools, learning pods of unlimited size

Editor’s note: This article appeared Saturday on West Virginia’s herald-dispatch.com. Gov. Jim Justice on Wednesday signed into law allowing “microschools” and “learning pods” of unlimited size to operate in West Virginia. The new law, Senate Bill 268, says these would be sparsely regulated schools or groups of students that could[Read More…]

West Virginia Hope Scholarship surpasses 1,000 approved awards

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on wdtv.com. State Treasurer Riley Moore announced on Tuesday his office has awarded more than 1,000 West Virginia students the Hope Scholarship education savings account for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. “Since launching this program on March 1, we have seen an overwhelming response[Read More…]

Families apply for W.Va. Hope Scholarship program; future uncertain amid lawsuit

Editor’s note: This news story appeared Wednesday on West Virginia’s wchstv.com. A good idea, or an unconstitutional overreach? That’s the big debate on West Virginia’s new Hope Scholarship program. It provides families with public money to help pay for private or religious schools or to home-school their child. “We tried[Read More…]