Teacher Quality

Union challenges ‘Best and Brightest’ teacher bonuses

By Jim Saunders News Service of Florida The Florida Education Association teachers union has filed a potential class-action lawsuit alleging that the state’s controversial “Best and Brightest” bonus program discriminates against older teachers and minorities. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Tallahassee, names as defendants the Florida Department[Read More…]

Do some certification requirements drive talented teachers away?

The lawmakers eyeing Florida’s teacher certification system follow straightforward logic: If talented people have to take a battery of education-specific courses before they can go into the classroom, they might take their skills elsewhere. In other words, course requirements might unnecessarily crimp the state’s pipeline of quality teachers. And creating[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Fewer tests, top teacher finalist, choice and more

Testing cutbacks: Hillsborough County elementary students will have fewer tests next school year, and principals and teachers will have more say on what tests are given and when, and how to use the results. Parents and teachers have long complained about the district’s “formative tests,” which measure what children know early in the[Read More…]

Charter school changes added to public school choice bill in Florida House

Parents would have more ability to choose among public schools for their children, charter schools would face more scrutiny before opening, and some principals at traditional schools could enjoy more charter-like freedoms under a combined school choice package set for a final vote Friday in the Florida House. The charter changes and principal[Read More…]