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FACT-CHECKED: Tallahassee educator’s attack on ‘monstrous’ system is misleading

Editor’s note: The goal of fact-checkED is to bring clinical precision to complex issues that are easily misunderstood, aiming to counteract incorrect information before it continues to circulate.   Sally Butzin has a rich and accomplished history in public education, as a classroom teacher, instructional innovator and published author. But her[Read More…]

fact-checkED: Sanders’ education choice claims in Florida op-ed misleading

With the presidential primary election in delegate-rich Florida just two months away, Democratic candidates are beginning to knock on the door. In a Monday column in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders found little to like about Florida’s public education system. But our focus is on educational choice[Read More…]

USA K-12 achievement stalled on international exams

The performance of American 15-year-olds in reading and math has remained stagnant for the past two decades according to results released this past week from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Meanwhile, the achievement gap in reading between high- and low-performing students has grown wider. The less-than-stellar results from[Read More…]

Guest commentary: NAEP should be a wake-up call for ed reformers, policymakers

A recent comparison of K-12 children around the U.S. brought bad news for education reformers—an amorphous group of policymakers and advocates who are akin to locksmiths searching for the right combination of resources and policy ideas to unlock student potential. The news was bad for students, too, but since the[Read More…]

NAEP 2019: Where do we go from here?

The aughts were a time of K-12 academic improvement. For some states, including Florida, that improvement started earlier, but included the era illustrated in this chart. All states began participating in NAEP exams in 2003. Most states experienced a pronounced improvement in eighth-grade reading and eighth-grade math from 2003 to[Read More…]

NAEP 2019: Where does Florida stand?

Year-to-year student achievement will always fluctuate, but how does Florida stand in the larger picture? While results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress should concern everyone involved with K-12 education, Florida’s long-term trend is holding despite the recent score stagnation. And as we reported last week, Florida maintained[Read More…]

NAEP 2019: Mississippi improvement more impressive under closer examination

While last week’s NAEP news was glum nationwide, Mississippi students performed relatively well. You have to dig into the details to see just how well. First, a bit of backstory. Mississippi is one of the nation’s poorest states and has the largest African-American student population in the country. The state[Read More…]

NAEP 2019: Florida maintains high marks despite national slide

In a statement released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Education, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos called 2019 NAEP results “devastating,” opining that the country is in a “student achievement crisis” that has continued to worsen over the past decade. While the results aren’t great, they’re not quite that bad.[Read More…]