You can’t win, but …

John Stuart Mill warned us of the dangers of a state-provided education: Were the duty of enforcing universal education once admitted, there would be an end to the difficulties about what the State should teach, and how it should teach, which now convert the subject into a mere battle-field for[Read More…]

Opinion: Why are unions and Democrats so opposed to giving poor children a choice in schooling?

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from the editorial board of the Washington Post appeared Thursday on the online edition of that publication. For 17 years, a federally funded K-12 scholarship program has given thousands of poor children in D.C. the opportunity to attend private schools and the chance to go on to[Read More…]

Ohio dots the “i” in choice for a remarkable 2021 legislative season

Ohio lawmakers may have saved the best for last in a remarkable year for parental choice programs. School Choice Ohio ran down all the private school provisions here but briefly Ohio lawmakers created an afterschool enrichment Education Savings Account. They also created a new private choice scholarship tax credit, and[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews Kentucky Rep. Chad McCoy on expanding choice in the Bluegrass State

On this episode, Tuthill talks with the majority whip of the Kentucky House of Representatives who carried a landmark education choice bill, HB 563, to passage this legislative session and then participated in an override of a gubernatorial veto. The bill creates a new tax credit funded program in Kentucky[Read More…]

From where will common sense emerge?

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.” — Macbeth, Shakespeare Our national fuddle over the role of government (public?) schools during the pandemic is yet another throwback to the days of their inception in the 1840s. Their founders saw these conscriptive institutions as a mechanism for control and enlightenment of the[Read More…]

Once held hostage by teaches’ unions, W Va just passed nation’s broadest school choice law

Editor’s note: This commentary by Jayme Metzgar, a homeschool parent who is founder and president of Romania Reborn, appeared Thursday on The Federalist, where she is a senior contributor. In February 2018, public school teachers brought West Virginia to its knees. Seeking pay raises and better health plans, unions had[Read More…]

Randi Weingarten, welcome to the education choice movement

The rainbow coalition that is the education choice movement would like to welcome its newest member: Randi Weingarten! Yes, that Randi Weingarten. President of the American Federation for Teachers. In a fresh interview with The New York Times, Weingarten sounded like Betsy DeVos. She noted she has friends and family[Read More…]

Answering the bullies of public school policy

If 2021 is to be different from 2020 for families of school-aged children, policymakers, parents and educators must have a conversation about bullying – not from fourth graders on the playground, but from the education special interest groups that are pushing parents around. Examples abound in West Virginia, where families[Read More…]