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Florida education official suggests ending textbook adoption

A Florida Board of Education member proposed today that the state end its textbook adoption process, saying teachers and principals are best equipped to decide which materials are needed to help students. Roberto Martinez of Miami said the time is right for that step, given Florida’s education reforms – tough[Read More…]

Sal Khan: The education establishment is “in violent agreement with us”

In a recent interview with Slate, Khan Academy founder Salman Khan is asked how he gets the education establishment to go along with his vision (and the vision of many others) of using technology to better customize learning. His answer doesn’t include the term “seat time,” but he suggests most of “the[Read More…]

Florida education leaders aim for strong growth in charters, vouchers, virtual

In the next five years, Florida aims to double the number of students attending charter schools, to 360,000, and more than double the number attending private schools with tax credit scholarships, to 100,000, according to the state Board of Education’s draft strategic plan. It’s no secret that expanding school choice[Read More…]

In Florida, 1.2 million students participate in school choice

Though we know little about the parents who long have chosen their school through where they decide to live (or to pretend to live), Florida keeps count of those who no longer want their neighborhood school. And here’s some data to chew on: In a state known for its breadth of[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: coming disruptions, blooming charter schools, campaign cherry picking …

Editor’s note: For those new to redefinED, “blog stars” is our occasional roundup of good stuff from other education blogs. Jay P. Greene’s Blog: The Way of the Future: Coursera Watch this video from start to finish from Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller as in right now: I’m calling it- I[Read More…]

Michael Horn: On digital learning, feds can support conditions for transformation

by Michael B. Horn With the rapid growth of online learning – both in full-time virtual learning environments and even more often in blended learning in schools – there is an opportunity to transform the nation’s education system from its factory-model roots to a student-centric one that can customize affordably[Read More…]

Choice nuggets: Ravitch on vouchers, Florida’s academic progress and how “bad” public schools are like Ol’ Man River

Editor’s note: Here’s another selection of “choice nuggets,” a feature we started last week to keep some smaller but still blogworthy items from going to the compost heap.  Are vouchers too popular, or not popular enough? For years, school choice critics have posited that vouchers and tax-credit scholarships will open the floodgates for[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: On reform-minded school boards, the promise of virtual charters and the NAACP’s betrayal

Editor’s note: For those new to redefinED, “blog stars” is our occasional compilation of good stuff from other ed blogs (with a newspaper op-ed thrown in now and then, too). Huffington Post: In search of the elusive, reform-minded school board member What most people don’t understand is that managing failure[Read More…]