Waiting on a charter ruling in Georgia

UPDATE: From the AJC’s Get Schooled blog: The state Supreme Court just issued an order extending the term of court as to this case “until further order of the Court.” The court gave no indication on how much longer the case may take.

From today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Charter schools are awaiting a state Supreme Court opinion this week that will decide whether they are allowed to continue operating. The schools are standing their ground and beginning to make back-up plans so they can keep educating students in their care.

Mark Peevy, executive director of the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, said he has been in talks with state officials and school operators about what to expect if the legal battle over local control of public education dissolves the commission. The state commission is facing a constitutional challenge filed by seven metro Atlanta school districts who say it illegally approves and funds charter schools.

The commission has approved 17 schools — nine of which serve students and anticipate a combined enrollment of more than 15,000 students in the fall.

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BY Adam Emerson

Editor of redefinED, policy and communications guru for Florida education nonprofit