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Here’s how one parent is doing a la carte learning; imagine what millions could do

With ESAs, “You can make whatever education program you want,” Rodriguez said. “After meeting more people, and seeing what’s out there, I realized I can make things happen. I can have what I want for my boys.” READ MORE

Special report: A taste of a la carte learning

 One of the best education stories in America is the shift from school choice to education choice. The best place to see it is an hour north of Miami. Humming, hustling South Florida – and Broward County in particular – has rightly earned national buzz for its blossoming array... READ MORE


Education choice is about more than schools. The rise of à la carte learning in South Florida foreshadows the transition from school choice to education choice as more families across America access state-supported education savings accounts (ESAs) and other flexible spending vehicles. READ MORE