Ohio mom jailed for crossing school zones launches parent union

Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Akron, Ohio, mother who spent 10 days in jail for enrolling her daughters in a high-performing school district outside her attendance zone, has formed the Ohio Parents Union, according to the Dropout Nation blog. Editor RiShawn Biddle writes:

Williams-Bolar is taking her place alongside parents such as Gwen Samuel, Matt Prewett and Hanya Boulos to launch the nation’s fifth parents union. The Ohio Parents Union is still in its infancy, and according to Williams-Bolar in an e-mail to Dropout Nation, still working with families to map out a full agenda. But Williams-Bolar’s new group is already getting help from the Samuel and the Connecticut Parents Union; Samuel has already introduced Williams-Bolar to the growing network of Parent Power activists and to Whitney Tilson, whose e-mails reach into the core of the overall school reform movement.

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BY Adam Emerson

Editor of redefinED, policy and communications guru for Florida education nonprofit

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Your coverage of this story is a complete joke. As was commented on your last post re: this topic, she enrolled her kids elsewhere for reasons other than the quality of the schools in her home district. She did it for personal convenience. This is her own unequivocal explanation. Here is a direct quote:

“I did not have an opinion if the schools were at the level they should be or not. That’s not why I did what I did. People do it all the time.”

Since you did not include a link to this prior post, I’ll do it for you. Note the failure to respond to the comment posted:


And, please, for Pete’s sake, stop running the ridiculous photos of this woman crying because she’s upset about getting caught breaking the law.

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