redefinED roundup: Voucher rally in Pennsylvania, Jeb Bush in Colorado and more

Colorado: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush lays out his education reform formula, with expanded school choice a key plank. (Education News Colorado)

Pennsylvania: Hundreds of Catholic school students in Philadelphia rally for a voucher bill. (CBS Philly)

Michigan: State lawmakers consider funding cyber schools on performance rather than enrollment. (

Washington: Expanded school choice in the form of charter schools – Washington is one of the few states without any – is an issue in the governor’s race. (Seattle Times)

South Carolina: A bill to offer tax breaks to parents who choose private schools advances in the state senate, but its prospects look iffy. (Associated Press)

Virginia: A legal debate surfaces over the constitutionality of tax credits for private school tuition. (Washington Post)

Tennessee: Nashville mayor criticizes the local school board after it rejects an application for a new KIPP charter school. (The Tennessean)

Ohio: Catholic school leaders are working to create a sustainable fund that will allow low-income students to attend Catholic schools in the Dayton area. (Dayton Daily News.)