Can a school-voucher Democrat become president?

DNC2012 logo2Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a star in the Democratic Party, is already considered a future presidential candidate. But he is also an unflinching supporter of private school vouchers. In a rousing speech at the DNC tonight, he moved delegates with his lines on education: “You should be able to afford health care for your family. You should be able to retire with dignity and respect. And you should be able to give your children the kind of education that allows them to dream even bigger, go even farther and accomplish even more than you could ever imagine.”

Booker didn’t even hint at vouchers or private schools. The Democrats aren’t ready. How long before they are?

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  1. The word from the New Jersey Democrats here in Charlotte is that Cory will not be running for re-election as mayor of Newark and instead is interested in running against Chris Christie for governor in 2014. He is also looking at US Senate run, but apparently Cory prefers the executive branch.