Florida Gov. Rick Scott meets with teachers union president Andy Ford

From the News Service of Florida a few minutes ago:

The president of the state’s main teacher’s union met Wednesday with Gov. Rick Scott, but said afterward he and the governor are taking it slow in terms of making up for years of ill will between the GOP and the union. “This is like dating – it’s a second date,” said Andy Ford, president of the Florida Education Association. “Not much has happened yet.” Ford didn’t discuss specifics in terms of where the union and the governor might find some common ground, but said the issues of money for education – Scott has said he doesn’t want lawmakers to cut the schools budget – teacher evaluations, and what to do about the state’s lowest performing schools all came up. It’s the second meeting between Scott, who has said he wants to make education a priority, and Ford, who said he probably won’t know until the legislative session whether the governor and the union may be able to agree on how to improve the education system. ” We’re always willing to sit down and have some conversation,” Ford said.  “The test will be during the session, on whether we have some success or not.” 

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BY reimaginED staff