This week in school choice: Win-win

We hear these talking points over and over: Private school choice doesn’t improve student performance. It drains money and other resources from public schools. It promotes racial segregation.

But, as a new report released this week shows, they tend to fall apart under empirical scrutiny. The fourth edition of “A Win-Win Solution” looks at a wide range of quantitative studies on the impact vouchers and other private school choice programs have on public finances, student achievement, desegregation, and even the attitudes of students who receive publicly supported scholarships.

It shows that, in the vast majority of cases, the impact is positive.

Some of the findings are underwhelming. For example, the effects of private competition on public schools, while almost always positive, tend to be quite small. Why is that? Do public school leaders have the autonomy to compete effectively, or are they hamstrung by bureaucracy? Do parents have the information they need to choose meaningfully among schools?


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