Gov. Rick Scott signs private school choice legislation

The nation’s largest private school choice program will offer more generous scholarships to participating students. And the largest education savings account program will be able to serve more children.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed school choice legislation supported by a majority of the Legislature’s Democrats and all of its Republicans. The governor has long supported school choice and had already approved a more-contentious education bill.

HB 15 strengthens the Gardiner Scholarship program, which provides education savings accounts for children with special needs, and the tax credit scholarship program, which helps 98,000 low-income and working-class students pay private school tuition.

Step Up For Students, which publishes this blog, helps administer both programs.

During a special session, lawmakers revised the budget to send more funding to public schools at Scott’s behest. The governor also approved that funding increase Monday.

Tax credit scholarship amounts have long been pegged to public-school funding. Right now, a scholarship is worth about 82 percent of the state’s core per-pupil public school operating funding, or about $5,900.

The new law would allow students in secondary schools, where tuition costs tend to be higher, to receive more funding.

  • Elementary school students could receive 88 percent of the per-student average in the Florida Education Finance Program for public schools, or $6,420.
  • Middle school students could receive 92 percent, or about $6,712.
  • High school students could receive 96 percent, or about $7,004.

The measure also broadens the conditions that allow students to qualify for Gardiner Scholarships. Students with rare diseases and those with vision or hearing impairments can now qualify.

The new law includes provisions to improve the administration of the two private educational choice programs. Military families will be able to apply for tax credit scholarships year-round. Double-billing the same services to Medicaid and the Gardiner Scholarship program is outlawed, a new safeguard to help prevent fraud.


  1. With no accountability this will fail. They will continue to make a money making scam in are state. So let’s all start a private school and see who gets richer first.

    • Laurie that is not how it works, the schools don’t get rich, they teach students in a much better atmosphere and bring up their grades. Of which most public schools do not. So check out the facts before you spew bad words about private schools.

    • Private schools do not get richer!, …. The lower income STUDENTS, who would otherwise not be able to attend, ….are the ones getting RICHER! (in Education, increase of self-confidence, opportunity for a better LIFE, and seeing goals, …. they would have not otherwise experience, and be exposed to ! )

    • Sandra Basinger

      There is a massive amount of accountability to the State of Florida for private schools who want to administer these scholarships. We are a private school and must send annual reports for health inspections, fire inspections, radon testing, etc. We also have to have an annual audit of all finances and accounts. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about these scholarships.

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  3. Thank you Governor Scott for understanding that all children deserve a quality education in the setting that best meets their needs. Thanks you for concentrating on the child’s best interest.