podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews education choice advocate Derrell Bradford: Part 2

In the second of a two-part interview, Tuthill and 50CAN’s executive vice president discuss the organization’s advocacy for federal funding to build new education infrastructure and its goal of giving individuals power and money to shift the future of public education toward greater diversity and choice.

Tuthill and Bradford also discuss the inflexibility of modern school districts and teacher unions, both of which have the potential to lead the charge in unbundling education services to offer families greater choice, but currently are resistant to do so.

“There is an opportunity here to talk about how we make sure we continue to have public schools that are sustainable, (rather than) continue to have a monopoly that isn’t.”


·       How pushing for new federal funding of diverse choice options can filter down to shift long-standing state funding battles

·       How school districts’ recalcitrance to offer compelling education options has led more families to explore other options

·       How decentralizing district and teacher union power could benefit teachers

·       The contradictory position of progressives who refuse to support education choice due to misplaced political loyalties


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You can listen to Part 1 of the interview here.