Drum roll, please …

The editors and writers of redefinED have exciting news to share: On Sept. 1, redefinED will become reimaginED.

This shift represents a lot more than a name change. After years of writing and reporting on “the new definition of public education,” the redefinED team, and the Step Up For Students leaders who support us, recognize we have progressed far beyond the “public vs. private” school debate. This is true not only in Florida but in many other states that are demonstrating, through proactive legislative action, a commitment to families and students rather than outmoded education systems.

So, while we’re still keen on exploring education choice in the Sunshine State, we will begin casting a wider net and looking at what’s happening in other states, especially those that are just starting to explore what education choice has to offer.

With 17 states in the past year either creating education choice options or expanding upon options already in place, it’s clear that education choice has become, well, normal. With that normalization of education choice, it’s time to elevate the education choice discussion to reflect the full range of choices available to families, both within a school’s walls and outside those walls.

And as more and more education innovators are becoming education entrepreneurs, we will reach into that cornucopia and grab hold of great stories just waiting to be told about homeschooling, micro-schools, learning pods and more.

In short, it’s time for us to begin sharing with you a vision of how education can be reimaginED. When you log on to redefinED on Sept. 1, you’ll automatically be directed to reimaginED.

The countdown begins now.