podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill and NLP Logix client delivery manager Jen Bradshaw discuss future of education savings accounts (Part 1)

On this two-part episode hosted by Kevin Roberts of the digital innovation firm Robots and Pencils, Tuthill and Bradshaw discuss a partnership between Step Up For Students and Jacksonville-based artificial intelligence company NLP Logix, which aims to create a simple and customizable online platform for families who use education savings accounts to support their children’s education.

Tools such as artificial intelligence-based predictive analysis must be deployed to bring education savings accounts to scale in public education and to help families successfully navigate the complex decisions they need to make for their children’s unique educational needs. Tuthill, Bradshaw and Roberts discuss the new platform and the factory-model history of public education that quickly is becoming obsolete as well as how using data to inform families and help them access resources is a natural integration of humanities of science that meets pressing needs in education.

“Think about a single mother with a 10th-grade education who’s busting her fanny to do the very best for her child. We’ve got to do everything we can to help that mother succeed for her kids.”


  • Tuthill and Bradshaw’s backgrounds in public education and the failures of a one-size-fits-all public education system
  • The history of public education scaling, its similarity to a factory assembly line, and how customization is changing that dynamic
  • Building an education savings account platform and using data analytics and artificial intelligence to help families make good decisions
  • Using technology to create excellent customer service for busy families through simple-to-navigate online platforms

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