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National charter school leader predicts greater grassroots involvement in public education post-pandemic

Debbie Veney already had earned a journalism degree from Howard University when the nation’s first public charter school, City Academy Charter School in St. Paul, Minnesota, opened its doors nearly 30 years ago. She enjoyed the benefits of education choice by attending a Catholic school. “It was small and very student focused,” recalled Veney, who grew up in Washington, D.C. “It was a predominantly Black school, and it was a really interesting experience for me to be in a private school setting that was culturally affirming and academically rigorous.” READ MORE


Innovation, common sense needed to address school transportation challenges

Across the country, there have been countless stories this school year about school bus driver shortages and the impact that shortage is having on kids getting to school. While a new onslaught of abrupt cancellations and modified routes no doubt is an obstacle for parents, the reality is that transportation barriers for families have persisted for years. The issue is exacerbated in Arizona due to robust district open enrollment and public charter school systems, making it even more difficult for families to find accessible and reliable K-12 transportation to deliver their children READ MORE


Research shows education savings accounts are being used precisely as intended

Recently, reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner noted the 10th anniversary of education savings accounts, which debuted in Arizona in the form of the  Empowerment Scholarship Account. In the past decade, research has demonstrated a refreshing truth about the accounts. In an age of fake news, they have proved authentic, empowering parents to customize their child’s education, and families are, in fact, doing exactly that. Data from North Carolina’s two education savings accounts programs find that a larger share of families are using their child’s account READ MORE