podcastED: reimaginED executive editor discusses modernizing public education transportation with A for Arizona’s Emily Anne Gullickson

On this episode, Matthew Ladner speaks with the president of the Arizona-based education nonprofit about the group’s work to create an innovation fund to seed new options for families that need more choices for getting their children to school.

Both Ladner and Gullickson, staunch supporters of education choice, acknowledge that choice cannot be choice without workable transportation. The two discuss the history of public education transportation funding and the possibilities for communities to work with organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCAs. They also discuss a variety of transportation options for families, particularly those in rural areas.

“Our theory of action is scaling what works and making sure folks know what is possible … so that more kids have access to high quality learning options now, and not years from now.”


  • How transportation is funded and the barriers the old funding formula imposes on families in need
  • The history of public school transportation and what has led to the decline of traditional “yellow bus” ridership
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated transportation issues and how modern technology can fill the gaps
  • Leveraging existing community infrastructure and organizations to better serve the transportation needs of families

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BY reimaginED staff