Louisiana Senate Education Committee approves two education savings account bills

Louisiana State Rep. Phillip DeVillier, sponsor of HB 33, said the measure will give parents more choices, offering their children the best chance to succeed.

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Two bills to create education savings accounts students can use for educational expenses outside the public school system cleared the Louisiana Senate Education Committee.

Committee members approved House bills 33 and 194 without objections on Thursday to create ESAs with the average per-pupil state funding allotment for specific students that parents can use for educational expenses outside of the public school system.

HB 33, sponsored by Rep. Phillip DeVillier, R-Eunice, would offer ESAs to children of military families, those in foster care and students attending D- or F-rated schools that have been denied a transfer to higher-rated schools.

“House Bill 33 is about one thing: It’s about giving parents more choices to meet the needs of our future, giving them the best chance to succeed,” DeVillier said.

DeVillier cited the state’s poor educational rankings and argued “we’re not giving the best opportunities for certain students to succeed.”

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