Author: Catherine Durkin Robinson

Commentary: Parental choice is an effective form of accountability

Editor’s note: The Gainesville Sun editorial board, in an opinion posted July 28, called for greater oversight for private schools that will receive about $130 million this year from the state budget for a new voucher program. The editorial alleges these private schools lack accountability to ensure academic quality, a[Read More…]

An education choice advocate reflects on benefits of A+ plan

Editor’s note: redefinED continues to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the K-12 reforms launched by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, collectively known as the A+ accountability plan, with this post from Step Up For Students’ executive director for advocacy and civic engagement. In her first-person piece, she recounts how she became[Read More…]

New parent advocacy organization is ‘enemy of average’

There’s a new kid on the block. yes. every kid. At the recent Stand Together summit in Colorado Springs, a new education organization was announced. yes. every kid. will represent families, teachers and anyone else who believes that students deserve personalized learning and teachers require freedom and autonomy to achieve[Read More…]

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New name, same family-focused mission

The Florida Parent Network – the largest advocacy network of its kind and a model for every educational choice program in the United States – is now Florida Voices For Choices. Its new name reflects the tremendous growth and diversity in the education choice movement, but its mission remains the[Read More…]

Sanders misses point on education reform

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, recently revealed his education plan, most of the ensuing news coverage focused on his criticism of charter schools and his call for a moratorium on their expansion. Cue the usual op-eds and pundits booing him, attacking socialism and railing against infringements[Read More…]

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Standing up to tribal pressure

Last Thursday was a wonderful day for students in Florida, especially students living in undervalued neighborhoods and desperate for educational options. Gov. Ron DeSantis traveled the state promoting the belief that those children, not just those from families of means, should be in great schools. As executive director of Florida[Read More…]

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Commentary: Free public schools won’t ever work for all children

Editor’s note: This opinion piece, written by the executive director of the Florida Parent Network, appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat March 27. Imagine grocery shopping with your friend. She lives near a safe and convenient store with a wide variety of options that meet the nutritional needs of your family.[Read More…]