Author: Chris Stewart

Let’s be honest about school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Chris Stewart, executive officer of Brightbeam and redefinED guest blogger, published earlier this week on Education Post. School choice strawmen are a formidable army that thinking people have yet to defeat. Nevertheless, we must keep trying. As a reader who casually consumes education debate in[Read More…]

Presidential candidates do not think all children are created equal

Editor’s note: This column from redefinED guest blogger Chris Stewart first appeared Feb. 25 on Education Post. I’m starting to notice a trend among the presidential candidates. I don’t think they’re vying to be a president who represents all Americans, just some. It sounds crazy but hear me out.  When Democratic frontrunners lavish[Read More…]

The system is winning. For now.

Editor’s note: In this commentary, originally published Nov. 26 on Education Post, Chris Stewart shares his thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s recent encounter with charter school supporters and expresses gratitude for those individuals who had the courage “to take their grievances directly to the source of political power that seeks to[Read More…]

Guest commentary: While we get lost in the wrong arguments, too many of our kids aren’t ready for the future

Editor’s note: This commentary, first published Nov. 11 on Education Post, reminds us that the best way to prepare students for a rapidly changing world is to empower educators to create more diverse learning options and to enable all parents to access those learning options that best meet their children’s[Read More…]